For the guests of ASHRAE, we have got their weekend covered. Please scroll down to check out the details of two events:

Touristic City Tour on Sunday, October 7th, 2018


Kaleiçi is the historic city center of Antalya, Turkey. Until modern times, almost the entire city was confined within its walls. It has structures dating from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and modern Turkish republican eras. The Kaleiçi area is located in the centre-eastern portion of the city along the mediterranean coast fronted by the yacht harbour that dates to the Roman era.


The name Kaleiçi means inside the fortress. In the daytime, walk through old town. It is a small maze featuring beautiful architecture, like the mosque and parks with people relaxing in it. It isn’t huge but it is big enough to wander around. Cars can’t really drive in old town so it is such a pleasant escape in the middle of a busy city.


It is a great walk the in old town and once you have reached the harbor it isn’t hard to get back up. The glass elevator is an iconic place in Kaleici. The elevator connects old to new Antalya. Once you took it to the top, the view over the harbor is one to enjoy for a few minutes.


When the sun starts setting, local people jump in the water to play with their kids. Walk all the way down to the pier, sit down on the edge and enjoy a perfect sunset. All the small streets of Kaleici are filled with little shops where you can easily get a good pair of trainers for a low budget price. But shoes are not the only thing you can shop, necklaces, beautiful clothing, sports outfits, you name it! The same counts for Turkish carpets. If you’re ending your trip in Antalya we highly recommend taking a carpet for your house.

Outlet Center Shopping Tour on Saturday, October 6th



Thousands of products, Hundreds of brands at factory prices! Deepo Outlet, which is the largest Outlet shopping centre in the Mediterranean region, also appeals to the surrounding towns with its impressive, modern caravansary semblance, and mix of Outlet stores. There are 15 cafeteria – restaurants, 5 film theatres, a fairground and a 3000 m2 go-kart track at Deepo Outlet Center, where you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of discount shopping 365 days a year.


Our centre, which has made a point of becoming a special centre of social living for you with its location opposite the airport, its national and international brands being offered to customers at inviting prices, and its indoor and outdoor car parking facilities, continues to be the place to meet and a centre of attraction for all our visitors, young and old alike, since the day it opened its doors. Deepo Outlet, which is particularly easy to access due to the fact that all stores are on a single storey, possesses the characteristics of Mediterranean architecture.ral-crc-ashrae-view-crc-2018-programral-crc-ashrae-lecturers-buttonral-crc-ashrae-technical-program-buttonral-crc-ashrae-companions-activities-buttonral-crc-2018-antalya-register3turkish-airlines-sponsor-ral-crc-2018-antalyaultra-all-inclusive-accommodation